Xerox SAS

Xerox Research Centre Europe is part of the Xerox Innovation group made up of 800 researchers and engineers in five world-renowned research and technology centres. The European centre creates innovative technologies to support growth in Xerox business process and document management services businesses. Its domains of research stretch from the social sciences to computer science with renowned expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, ethnography and services computing.

It has won a number of international technology benchmarking competitions and external awards. Alongside its research, the centre carries out advanced development and also hosts the European Technology Showroom, a showcase for Xerox research and an exchange forum for scientists, engineers and customers.

The centre pursues a policy of open innovation and collaborates with the wider European scientific community on a variety of R&D projects.


Xerox will lead EURECA‘s WP3: Information extraction and data access, and focus on the information extraction task enabling the extraction of relevant concepts and their relations out of free text documents in the clinical research and EHR systems.