Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

The Biomedical Informatics Group of UPM was established in 1993. The staff at the group includes one full professor, two associate professors, one assistant professor, ten external professors and researchers collaborating with the lab and around 15 graduate and undergraduate students.

Collaborations include exchanges with foreign institutions, such as Harvard University (where six members of the lab have worked during the past years for mid-term and long-term stays), Georgia Tech and Rutgers University, in the USA, and research agreements with hospitals and health institutions in Spain. Contracts in biomedical informatics have included the Ministry of Defence, Spain, and industry, including funding from computer companies (E.g., HP), and from Spanish software companies. The Biomedical Informatics Group has obtained various awards for excellence in research from the Spanish Society for Health Informatics and other institutions.


UPM will be mainly involved in WP3, WP4 and WP9. The group will contribute to these work packages with its expertise in ontologies and semantic heterogeneities overcoming. Concretely, in WP4 UPM will participate in the construction of the Semantic Core Datasets, and in building the mapping formalism and mappings between the core data sets and EHR and clinical research models. UPM will also collaborate to the task evaluating existing mapping formalisms and tools to link the canonical model with the underlying sources and to WP9: Models, deployment and clinical pilots. UPM has a significant experience in participating in research and development activities related to Biomedical Informatics. The group has collaborated in many national and international projects related to the area, and is currently coordinating Action-Grid, the First European Initiative in Biomedical Informatics, Grid and Nanoinformatics. In recent years, the Biomedical Informatics Group has produced several publications in the fields of Public Health and clínico-genomic data integration.

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