Custodix NV

Custodix is a private limited company established in 2000 specialised in data protection solutions for eHealth. Today Custodix is recognised as one of the most advanced and reliable trusted service providers (TSPs) in the healthcare sector providing both consultancy and technical privacy protection solutions. Its data protection services are supported by a combination of high-level technical and legal expertise in privacy protection and e-security and considerable experience with a number of advanced e-security solutions such as PKI, VPN, Web Services security frameworks, time-stamping and more.

Custodix helps businesses deal with all security and privacy related aspects of modern data management by offering end-to-end solutions for data protection in e-clinical trials, disease management and other longitudinal studies. Custodix has an international customer base, deploying services in Europe, Asia and Australia. Customers include commercial companies and government research organisations.


With its background as commercial IT service provider, Custodix will coordinate the work on defining and implementing the EURECA architecture. Custodix is also the main responsible for IT-security and privacy related technical tasks.  More specifically, the contribution will include: coordinating the design and implementation of the EURECA architecture and reference infrastructure, design and implementation of the main security infrastructure and services which includes design of a framework for making data protection policies manageable, enforceable and auditable over different, heterogeneous data sources, design and implementation of specialised tools and services necessary for ensuring privacy protection of patients, such as de-identification and patient identity management services, and contributions to the EURECA exploitation strategy.

Custodix will also lead the Technical Board of the project and coordinate the contribution to the common info-structure set up by the NoE on semantic interoperability.