WP9 – Models, Deployment and Clinical Pilots


The first and crucial objective of this WP is to coordinate the efforts with the technical staff and the IT departments of all EURECA pilot sites, so that the Consortium receives all information required for developing the information models representing the EHR systems and the Clinical Trial systems of the pilots sites, and all the data necessary for the testing and validation of the interoperability framework and of the EURECA tools and services.

The second objective of WP9 is to build the canonical information models for EHR and CT systems making use of suitable standardised formalisms. Additionally, the work package will evaluate existing mapping formalisms and tools that would enable seamless data linkage between the canonical model and the underlying implementation of the sources. Next to this, a solution will be provided to enable access to the various implementations of the sources via the uniform interface of the canonical model.

Another objective of the WP is to prepare the technical and procedural infrastructure – in compliance with the defined legal and security framework of the project – for the installation of EURECA technologies and tools for their extensive evaluation and validation.

The final objective of the WP is to organise together with WP8 the effective evaluation and validation activities of the EURECA technologies – once these are ready and delivered by the other project WPs.


9.1 - Report on the development environment and on the available test data

9.2 - Canonical models of EHRs and CT systems

9.3 - Initial proposal for the mapping formalism and mappings to EHR and CT models

9.4 - Solution providing uniform access to sources

9.5 - Report on preparation of the deployment environment for the clinical pilots

9.6 - Guidelines and recommendations for joining the EURECA environment


To see D9.2 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/EURECA-9 2