WP8 – Q+A, Evaluation and Validation


This work package aims at answering the two questions, “Does the software do the right things?”, which addresses the adequacy of the software for its intended goal, thus requiring an evaluation by its intended users, and “Does the software do the things right?” which stresses the need to validate its behaviour from the viewpoint of performance and of correctness of results.

This work package will identify specific application objectives to be tested, define the evaluation criteria and devise monitoring procedures to be executed by the involved stakeholder groups. Special care will be taken to involve the biomedical, clinical and pharma end-user community as early as possible in the evaluation and validation effort.

Technical validation will be conducted in tight collaboration with WP2 – WP7 and WP9, and the procedures for the assessment of the adequacy of treatment of personal data will be established jointly with WP7. Adequate personal-data treatment is of special importance in the EURECA project as foreseen pilots will involve real clinical data.


8.1 - Evaluation and validation procedures for the EURECA environment

8.2 - Specifications of the evaluation and validation scenarios for the different EURECA components

8.3 - Report on evaluation and validation of EURECA components

8.4 - Specifications of the evaluation and validation scenarios and demonstrators for the clinical pilots

8.5 - Report on the evaluation and validation of the EURECA environment and services

8.6 - Report on the user workshops at clinical sites


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