WP7 – Ethics, Legislation, Privacy and Security


The goal of Work Package 7 is to guarantee that the research outcome of EURECA is in line with current European legislation and ethical guidelines. WP7 combines ethical, legal (IT Law) and technical (e-security, e-privacy) expertise in order to define a framework and provide a set of tools and services to allow the EURECA applications to achieving regulatory compliance with minimal effort.

Focus lays on data protection issues, including topics such as informed consent and purpose of use. EURECA data flows will be examined and technically “enhanced” with a data protection building blocks (tools and services) designed and developed in this work package. WP7 solutions will fit the EURECA security architecture.


7.1 - Initial EURECA legal and ethical requirements

7.2 - Initial EURECA security and privacy services

7.3 - EURECA security and privacy services

7.4 - Analysis of important IP issues within EURECA

7.5 - The EURECA data protection framework


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