WP6 – Applications, Semantic Reasoning and Decision Support


Work Package 6 will implement the software services for more efficient enrolment of patients into clinical trials and better trial execution, and for improved detection and reporting of safety issues.

In this WP, tools able to bring new research results and latest clinical guidelines to the point of care will also be developed. We will apply techniques and implementations from the field of information retrieval and search engines, which will also be adapted to the case of structured and semi-structured data which is available in some of the EURECA scenarios.

Using these techniques, the tools will support the clinician with an automatic identification of literature and clinical research results relevant in the context of a patient case, based on both structured and unstructured EHR data, and of relevant clinical guidelines. This approach will exploit live feedback from the system users in its recommendations, and hence will allow generalising the identification of relevant guidelines with a soft matching approach, which can adapt itself to the current context and person.


6.1 - Formalisation of eligibility conditions of CT and a patient recruitment method

6.2 - Initial prototype of the EURECA patient recruitment service for CTs

6.3 - Initial prototype of EURECA safety service based on EHR data

6.4 - Initial prototype of the EURECA contextualisation service

6.5 - Initial prototype of the EURECA safety service including PHR data

6.6 - Method for incorporation of research findings into medical guidelines

6.7 - Refined services based on evaluation with the users and validation


To see D6.1 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/D6 1