WP4 – Semantic Interoperability


The main objective of Work Package 4 is to provide a platform which will create the necessary level of semantic interoperability between the EHR systems and the clinical trial systems. This platform will provide a set of data services such as data extraction, appropriate data transformation, translation, etc.

These data services will be composed into end-user EURECA service such as “Find clinical trial”, “Suggest patients for trial enrolment”, etc. The EURECA semantic interoperability platform will enable implementation of several scenarios related to the identified issues in patient recruitment and safety in clinical trials, and to enabling large scale data mining and epidemiology studies. Additionally, the increased semantic interoperability and a proper semantic access both to EHR and clinical trial data will also allow to develop a new generation of clinical decision support systems where computerised guidelines can be directly applied to the extracted patient data, helping also the clinical practitioners improve the patient safety and outcomes.

In order to generalise the EURECA approach, a study will be conducted on extending the extracted core datasets towards other clinical domains and applications.


4.1 - Requirements, analysis and selection of the initial clinical scenarios for core datasets

4.2 - Initial proposal for the core datasets

4.3 - Initial proposal for the mapping formalism and mappings to EHR and CT models

4.4 - Initial prototype of the semantic interoperability framework

4.5 - Extension of the core data sets 4.6 - Final prototype of the semantic interoperability platform


To see D4.1 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/D4 1