WP2 – Architecture, Standards and Integration


Work Package 2 will define the architecture of the EURECA platform, provide a reference implementation and oversee the overall EURECA platform integration and operation.

The architecture will be based on the use scenarios and requirements analysis of WP1. This work package envisages an open, scalable SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) platform and will therefore focus on interoperability and interfacing. The main objective of this WP is to define an interoperability framework, in which the tools and services created by the technical WPs can be fit and subsequently provide a reference implementation of this framework.


2.1 - State of the art report on standards

2.2 - Initial EURECA architecture

2.3 - Initial report on the interface layer towards external systems

2.4 - Integration guidelines: Interoperability Framework and Integration Profiles

2.5 - EURECA architecture and interface layer update

2.6 - Final report on the EURECA architecture, reference implementation and integration


To see D2.1 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/D2 1

To see D2.2 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/ D2 2