WP10 – Knowledge Management


Work Package 10 has a multiple role: It has the responsibility to investigate and support the exploitability of the EURECA results and to propose realistic exploitation models, to disseminate the project‘s results to the user community, to contribute to standards whenever applicable and to protect the IPR of the project partners.

Important exploitation goals of EURECA are the sustainability of solutions beyond the duration of the project and the use of the project outcomes by stakeholders outside of the consortium.

All project partners (especially academic partners and research centres) will present findings at high-level conferences and workshops, as well as publish research results in premium peer-reviewed journals. Industrial partners will complement dissemination of results through the realisation of proof-of-concept prototypes, field tests, and demonstrations at conferences and professional exhibitions.


10.2 - External project website

10.5 - Project newsletter 10.6 - Report on the EURECA workshop/ launching event

10.7 - One-stop-shop at ecancer for all interested in recruitment, participation, exploitation and application

10.8 - Final dissemination plan

10.9 - Final exploitation plan including sustainability plan

10.10 - The EURECA certification programme


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