WP1 - User Needs


Work Package 1 will elaborate on the user needs and on the user and technical requirements for the proposed environment. This will provide the user perspective of the project and will address the technological requirements from the user and domain application standpoint. In this WP, user scenarios will be built, analysed and detailed into user requirements.

The main objectives of this WP are therefore to identify the users and their needs, to define and prioritise comprehensive user scenarios based on which to develop use cases and extract technical requirements, and to define regulatory requirements to which compliance needs to be ensured.


1.1 - User needs and specifications for the EURECA environment and software services

1.2 - Definition of relevant user scenarios based on input from users

1.3 - Report on state of the art relevant external knowledge and data sources and on reusable tools

1.4 - Consolidation of the user needs, use-case development and requirements analysis


To see D1.2 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/D1 2

To see D1.3 click here:

http://share.ecancer.org/EURECA/Deliverables/D1 3