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china suppplier pad printer lc pm2 300 tampon printing machine for large shells caps

  • Printing on cassette shell? DIY friendly? : cassetteculture - Reddit

    Mar 8, 2016 Hey, I wonder what's the printing technique used to print of the shell of a cassette? Big Takeover! The closest I found out about is the tampography (pad printing), Enamel based solvent inks if you're a screen printer.

  • Apex cassette printer - YouTube

    Sep 11, 2011 CA30 audio cassette printer in action, running at slow speed, printing white ink onto black cassette shells, just prior to being fed into the instant 

  • Golden Shell - Close-Up - China Magic Shop - Magic Tricks

    a thickening semi-circle close up card pad. Golden Shell. Effect. The performer takes out three golden shells, put a small ball in one shell, mix them, then let the 

  • Imprint and Label Templates - National Audio Company

    templates here are to be used to place your artwork for imprinting cassette shells. requires multiple colors, very fine detail, or a large degree of ink coverage.

  • How tapes are made. - Audio Duplicating Service

    Large pancakes of blank cassette tape are loaded onto the slaves threaded onto the loaders for despooling into C-0's (empty cassette shells). Depending on length of program, these machines can load over 700 tapes per hour per machine. This APEX printer can print up to 120 tapes per minute without sacing 

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