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exquisite workmanship dlc anti crack metal decorative film surface treatment coating machine

  • PVD PCVD DLC coatings | Protec - Decorative applications

    Protec ◎ PVD, PCVD and DLC are our coatings and different technologies friendly high vacuum coating technology for thin film deposition on different and then condensed on the product's surface creating the desired coating. those are cracked by the plasma action and the material become available for deposition.

  • Surface Treatment | ULVAC | Products

    ULVAC offer surface treatments for high performance demands including vacuum equipment parts film with lower crack ratio developed for etching and CVD equipment. DLC, metal, stainless steel, plastic, glass, Optical coatings and design to anti-reflection on plastic sheets/films and glass plates Decorative Coating.

  • 127 Types of Surface Treatments and the Methods - Technical Tutorial

    Aug 17, 2012 Surface Treatment Type, Concepts and Applications of the process. Electroplating, A method of forming metallic coatings (plating films) on subject metal surfaces fields from micro components to large products in information equipment, and home appliances for ornamental plating, anti-corrosive plating, 

  • Oxygen plasma pre-treatment improves the wear properties of a

    Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films were deposited on ultra-high molecular many cracks were observed in the films on the surface of both the DLC-coated 

  • Ingeo™ Film Surface Treatment - NatureWorks LLC

    energy of the film surface to improve wet-out and adhesion of coatings, inks and Corona discharge, flame treatment, priming and chemical etching can be used, However, improvements in equipment design and controls have greatly 

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